5 Tips To Get Paid To Take Surveys

5 Tips To Get Paid To Take Surveys

Getting paid to to take surveys is one very quick and easy way that thousands are using to make money on line. The great thing is that anyone can get paid to fill out surveys, which makes them ideal for stay at home moms, retirees, students, really anyone at all with a computer and an internet connection can get paid to take surveys.

Online market research companies are looking for people from every demographic to take surveys, so it doesn’t matter about your gender, education, your race or your income. If you have an opinion the research companies will be happy to pay you for it. One such company is opinion outpost. You can read the detailed opinion outpost review here.

The only possible restriction you’ll find is one on age. A good number of the market research companies won’t accept people under the age of 18, but some do take people as young as 13 to fill out surveys and get paid. What a great part time job for a teen! At 13 you can’t get a regular part time job, but you can get paid to fill out surveys. And since most teens are online a good amount of time this is a perfect fit. Add to that the fact that market research companies desperately need teen survey takers and this is a great opportunity.

This rest of this article will share 5 tips that will help you to get paid to fill out surveys.

1. Sign up with as many paid survey companies as possible. This is by far the most important tip when it comes to getting paid to fill out surveys. By joining so many survey companies you also make sure that you get plenty of paid surveys. This gives you the chance to choose which surveys are best for you and get paid more or at least maximize your time usage.

2. Use a form filler program like Roboform. This will save you hours of time since you won’t have to manually fill out all of the registration and profile forms for each survey company. The forms usually aren’t that long, but if you are going to sign up with over a hundred paid survey companies you’ll really appreciate the time you save by using an automated form filler. These programs can fill out a form for you up to 95% faster than by hand and that is a serious time savings. Use that extra time to get paid to fill out a survey or three. I would have given up a long time ago without Roboform.

3. After registering go back to the companies site, sign in and complete your profile with them. Until you complete your profile the survey company doesn’t know which surveys you are eligible for. This could mean that they don’t send you any surveys at all or it could mean that they send you irrelevant surveys that you won’t qualify for. Either way it’s bad news for you and until you fix it you won’t get paid for any surveys. Take 5-10 minutes to make sure the survey companies have the information they need to send you the correct surveys.

4. When you’re starting out make sure you complete all of the surveys sent to you. I know some of them won’t pay you at all and you’ll want to skip them in favor of the surveys that pay, but there is a good reason for doing the surveys this way. In the beginning the market research companies are just getting to know you and they send these beginning surveys as a way to tell if you will be a good respondent for them. Do a good job now and they will start to send you better paying surveys in the future. Most people drop out at this point, but now that you know this make sure you stick with it. It should only take a month or maybe two for some survey companies to prove to them you’re reliable. That’s when you’ll really start to get paid to fill out surveys.

5. Now that you’ve gotten this far make sure that you’re checking you’re email regularly. You don’t have to live in your inbox (although some people do), but you should be checking your email several times a day. You’ll be getting your paid survey invitations in your email and some of them fill up fast, especially the ones that pay well. If you don’t check your email regularly there’s a good chance that you’ll miss the best surveys because they will already have filled up and closed.

Be persistent and be patient. Sometimes it takes a month or two for things to really get rolling with paid surveys online, but once they do you’ll be glad that you stuck it out. Follow these 5 paid survey tips and you’ll already be ahead of 95% of people who are trying to get paid to take surveys.